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... where we celebrate the unique essence of every woman.

Discover You, Be You, Love You!

Located amidst the scenic countryside of County Wexford, my exclusive studio offers a truly transformative experience that will reshape how you see yourself forever!

Witness your uncertainties fade while revealing the stunning artwork that defines YOU, and YOU alone.

Boudoir photography is absolutely for every woman! Let us plan your bespoke sessions together. Starting with a personal consultation we will thoroughly prepare your experience, ensuring your comfort and confidence throughout the session as well as afterwards when you admire the artwork we create together.

You do not need to already have a specific experience in posing or even make up or hair styling, we will guide you and provide these comprehensive services as needed.

As part of your experience, we offer professionally crafted printed products including Wall Art, Albums, Folio Boxes, and more, elegantly showcasing you as a masterpiece.

You deserve to feel empowered and self-assured!

Boudoir photography by genie king
Boudoir photography a lay in white lingerie
Boudoir photography by genie king
Boudoir photography by genie king
Boudoir Portrait of an Elegant Lady in black lingerie on the floor
Boudoir photography by genie king